Sheridan Illustration Portfolio 2011

/ Friday, September 9, 2011 /
Hallo & here's my Illustration portfolio as well. ^^ I scored a 60/100 .. lolol. Think the minimum was like 55 or something. Hurray for just making it in again ! Hah.

I did this in like 2 nights okay don't judge. :<

Observational Drawings (6.5/10) Derp. :c

Figure in Interior (6.5/10) My figure seriously died lol.

View out the window (5.5/10)

Still Life (4.5/10) HAHAHA *dead* so terrible.
I was really tired & I think I misunderstood this section anyways. :D

(Plus the personal pieces from my Animation portfolio up tharr^
but I didn't want to post the same images twice. o uo;;~)

Drawing Skills - 6/10
Process/Ideation - 6/10
Media Exploration - 6.5/10
Breadth of Content - 7//10
Visual Impact - 6/10
Sketchbook - 5.5/10
HAHAHAHAA. I don't sketch much for an art student. /shamedforever.


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